Udell Homes Presents Master’s Thesis

Udell Holmes

Congratulations to Udell Holmes for their recent accomplishment of obtaining their master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. Their work focuses on decoding the intersection of chronic musculoskeletal pain, plasma biomarkers, mood, cognition, sociodemographic factors, and brain aging in middle-aged and older adults. Their research found that chronic pain intensity is positively associated with brain aging and that this relationship is moderated by depressive symptoms. They also found that lower levels of education and income were associated with higher levels of brain aging. While the association between an experimental biomarkers index and brain aging over time was not significant, the findings suggest that early intervention such as pain management and therapy may prevent adverse health outcomes in older adults. Udell is grateful for the support of family, friends, and professors who motivated and encouraged them throughout their studies and looks forward to using their knowledge to make a positive impact in their field.